Class Twitter Accounts

Here is a full list of all out new class Twitter accounts so that you can find and follow your child’s class and keep up to date with all their class news.

F1 Mrs White – @WCPSc2025r

F2LP Miss Pearson – @WCPSc2024b

F2CE Mrs Evans – @WCPSc2024r

Y1 Miss Hines – @WCPSc2023b

Y1 Miss Johnson (Mrs Lowrie) – @WCPSc2023r

Y2 Miss Voyse – @WCPSc2022b

Y2 Miss Jamieson – @WCPSc2022r

Y2 Miss Burke – @WCPSc2022y

Y3 Mrs Wigglesworth-Fisher – @WCPSc2021b

Y3 Mrs Gallear, Miss Wiggan & Mrs Chambers – @WCPSc2021r

Y3 Mrs Mahoney – @WCPSc2021y

Y4 Miss Bartley – @WCPSc2020b

Y4 Mrs Wellings – @WCPSc2020r

Y5 Miss Whitworth – @WCPSc2019

Y6 Mrs Houghton – @WCPSc2018b

Y6 Mrs Charlesworth – @WCPSc2018b

CIRP Miss Astle – @WCPSCirp

Gilly’s Forest School Titter – @WCPSForest

Non Uniform Day – Friday 14th July

As many of you will be aware, 6 year old Bradley Lowery, a young boy from Sunderland who has captured many hearts during his battle with neuroblastoma, passed away last Friday.

His funeral has been arranged for this Friday (14th July) and The Bradley Lowery Foundation are asking others to mark to day by raising funds for families in similar situations.

At the request of a number of learners and parents, there will be the option to join in with a non uniform day this Friday 14th July.

Any learners or staff wishing to support the fundraising effort can pay a £1 donation to come to school in non-uniform this Friday (14th July).

You can find out more about Bradley’s story by following this link



How To Find Your Child’s New Classroom

On Monday we will be starting our whole school shuffle up fortnight. All learners should go straight to their new class on Monday morning. Here’s how to find your child’s new class. Staff will also be available in playgrounds to point you in the right direction!

F1 – All F1 learners should continue to enter school through the EYFS outdoors area and their usual door.

Y1 classes – Follow the path behind Rising Stars and EYFS into the lower playground. Y1 cloakrooms will be the first cloakroom block, near to the climbing wall and ‘Steggie’ sculpture

Y2KB & Y2SJ – Follow the path behind Rising Stars and into the lower playground. Y2KB & Y2SJ will be the second cloakroom block, past the trim trail and near to the end of the old building.

Y4JW – Follow the path round behind Rising Stars and into the lower playground. Walk all the way round the outside of the old building to the sports hall. Class 4JW will line up at the fire doors to the right of the sports hall, next to the wall.

Y2CV & Y3RW – Follow the path across the front of the building towards the new build. These two classrooms are the first two classrooms in the new build on the lower level.

All other classes – Follow the path across the front of the building and up the ramp or steps to the upper playground.

Y4AB & Y3GW (Mrs Gallear, Mrs Chambers & Miss Wiggan) – These two classrooms will be on the second floor above Y2CV and Y3RW. Classes should line up by the fire doors at the top of the steps.

Y3JM & Y6JH – These two classrooms are on the front of the new building

Y6CC & Y5 – These two classrooms are at the back of the new building.