1967 Dress Up Day

On Wednesday 27th September we will be marking our 50th Birthday with a special day of celebrations. In the morning we will be stepping back in time to a 1967 school day.

Learners are invited to join in the fun and come to school dressed in a 1960’s style.

We’ve had lots of questions about what is allowed as part of dress up – does it have to be a particular style? The answer is no! Any link to 1960’s style is allowed. The fashion trends in the 1960s were diverse – hippy styles, swing dresses, twin sets and much more! It’s all allowed.

We don’t want you to have to spend ages looking for specific styles or spending lots of money to create an outfit.

Some ideas

We found an old school photo from 1967 which shows what some children wore to school. There are lots of items you might already have.

The boys were wearing trousers with a shirt and tie; jumper or a t-shirt with a collar.

The girls were wearing pattered dresses with knee high socks, cardigans, skirts and blouses.

They didn’t wear sports clothing like football shirts so these can’t be worn.

Learners don’t have to join in with the dressing up part of the day – if they (and you) prefer they can come in uniform as usual. They can still join in all the fun of the day.

If you need any ideas or help please don’t hesitate to come and ask.

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