Restricting Access to the School Drive – Consultation

As you will be aware we have been experiencing heavy congestion on the school drive at the start and end of the school day as a result of excess parking in the visitor’s car park and on the school, drive itself. We are aware that the congestion is the cause of much frustration for parents and carers as well as posing some significant risks to the safety of both adults and children as they arrive or leave school.

We have worked with our PTA to try and reduce congestion in a number of ways this year however without success and now looking to implement a new policy of restricted access to the school drive during key times in order to ensure to safety of everyone on site.

The new arrangements would be implemented from Monday 22nd May 2017 following a two-week consultation period. We will write to inform all parents of the outcome of the consultation period and to confirm new access arrangements on Friday 19th May.

These new arrangements are a very similar model to that used at many other schools across Barnsley. Under the new arrangements:

  • The school gates will be closed between 8.30am -9.15am and again between 3pm and 3.45pm
  • The gates will be manned by staff, who will grant access to passes and permit holders only during these times
  • Gates will only be opening to allow people onto site during these times. No exit from the drive will be permitted until after the restricted period.
  • Permits and passes will be given to the following groups
  1. Staff of School, Daycare & Family Centre who have a valid staff ID card or permit
  2. Visitors who have been issued with a visitor permit
  3. Disabled learners/families and blue badge holders
  4. Learners transported to school by Taxi and with a travel escort by arrangement with the Local Authority
  5. Rising Stars Daycare families who have been issued with a parking permit
  6. Visitors to the Family Centre who have been issued with a valid permit
  7. Any other person issued with a valid permit that is presented at the gate
  • Permits will be issued by the Headteacher. Anyone meeting the above criteria will be issued with a permit before Monday 14th May 2017.
  • Parents and carers may apply for a permit to access the drive during these times if they feel being unable to do so will pose a risk to the safety and wellbeing of their child or themselves. Applications should be submitted to the Headteacher and will be issued at the discretion of the Headteacher.
  • Anyone without a valid permit will be required to find alternative parking away from the school site during these times.


We are inviting all parents and carers to consider the above proposals. If you would like to make a response to the proposals please return any comments in writing to school no later than Friday 19th May 2017 at 12.00pm.

If you have any further questions about this matter please do not hesitate to contact Miss Dring via the school office or call in at any time.

Restricted access parking letter

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  1. Lyndsay Robertshaw May 16, 2017 at 9:15 am

    I think it is much needed intervention, and I’m happy that the school are responding appropriately to keep our children safe, and in a way that is fair to those that really do need access to the school grounds via transport.


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